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07/09/2020 0

Transformers: Prime Is the Most Underrated Show in the Franchise

By Administratus Prime

The Transformers franchise has had numerous classic cartoons, most notably the original, as well as its sequel, Beast Wars. However, one of the most well-received recent entries in the series is Transformers: Prime. Airing from 2010 to 2013,...


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14/03/2019 0

Interview with Transformers + Ghostbusters Creative Team

By Administratus Prime

In an unusual move for a comic book publisher, IDW has sent out a press release consisting entirely of an interview with Transformers/Ghostbusters crossover creative team Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening,...


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27/05/2020 0

2007 Mustang Saleen S281 “Barricade” Up for Auction

By Administratus Prime

Remember the bad-ass Barricade in the 2007 Transformers movie? The alternate mode of him - the 2007 Ford Mustang Saleen S281 Extreme is up for auction in Mecum Auctions. Credits:...


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20/03/2019 0

VIZ Media To Release Transformers: A Visual History

By Administratus Prime

VIZ Media has released a press release to announce their acquisition of the iconic Transformers brand to its multimedia entertainment catalog slated for fall 2019 (12th November as stated in...


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17/09/2020 0

5 Things Transformers: Bumblebee Got Right (& 5 It Got Wrong)

By Administratus Prime

Compared to some of Michael Bay's lackluster sequels, Transformers: Bumblebee was a masterpiece for the franchise. But it still had its flaws. After Michael Bay-directed five Transformers movies with seemingly no interest...


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29/06/2014 0

Amazon Offering Transformers AOE Grimlock & Optimus Gift Set Statue

By Administratus Prime

Amazon is smart enough to 'hijack' the current on going hype of Transformers Age of Extinction that was just being released to our cinemas by offering a Transformers: Age of Extinction...



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