Transformers Titanium

Transformers Titanium was introduced in 2006 as a sub-line of the existing Transformers toy line that was expanded from Star Wars. Originally developed under  Hasbro’s Galoob brand as a subdivision of Micro Machines, this line was expanded into Battlestar Galactica, Marvel and finally Transformers.

Seen as a bold move, this sub-line features two class types that consists of 3 inch which is non-transformable and the 6 inch which is transformable, about the size of a standard deluxe class.

The characters that was made part of this toy line spanned across all other Transformers lines making it a ‘Transformers Universe’ of their own with a difference – partially plastic and die-cast.


The composition of the of toy lines that was absorbed in this line includes Generation 1, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Robots In Disguise, Alternators, Energon, Cybertron, Movie and Don Figueroa’s comic adaptations such as War Within and Transformers/G.I.Joe Crossovers.

Titaniums are not engineered by TakaraTomy and the die-cast metals are not made of titanium.

 Megatron (Beast Wars) Predacon3″ Robot Masters1 2006
Optimus Prime (War Within) Autobot3″ Robot Masters 12006
Unicron w/ Cybertron (Generation 1) Decepticon3″ Robot Masters 1 2006
 Jazz (Alternators) Autobot3″ Robot Masters 22006
Sideswipe (Alternators)  Autobot3″ Robot Masters 22006
Starscream (Generation 1) Decepticon3″ Robot Masters 2 2006
 Autobot Starship Ark (Generation 1)  Autobot3″ Robot Masters 3 2006
 Megatron (Cybertron) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters 3 2006
 Optimus Primal (Beast Wars)Maximal 3″ Robot Masters 3 2006
Bumblebee (Generation 1) Autobot3″ Robot Masters 4
Optimus Prime (Generation 1) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters 4
Smokescreen (Alternators) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters 4
 Grimlock (Generation 1) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters5
 Predaking (Generation 1) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters5
 Scorponok (Energon) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters5
 Rodimus (Generation 1) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters6
 Thundercracker (Generation 1) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters6
 Galvatron (Generation 1)Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters7
Optimus Prime (battle-damaged redeco) (Generation 1) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters7
 Blackout (Movie) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters8
 Bumblebee (’74 Camaro) (Movie) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters8
Optimus Prime (Movie) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters8
 Ironhide (Movie) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters9
 Jazz (Movie) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters9
Megatron (Movie) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters3″ Robot Masters9
 Brawl (Movie)Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters 10
 Ratchet (Movie) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters 10
  Bumblebee – Special Value (Movie)Autobot 3″ Robot Masters Costco Exclusive
 Optimus Prime – Robot Mode (Movie – Ultimate 3 Pack)Autobot 3″ Robot MastersTarget Exclusive
  Optimus Prime – Protoform Mode (Movie – Ultimate 3 Pack) Autobot3″ Robot Masters Target Exclusive
 Optimus Prime – Alternate Mode (Movie Ultimate 3 Pack) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters Target Exclusive
 Bumblebee – Metallic (Generation 1 – Twin Pack) Autobot 3″ Robot MastersTRU Exclusive
Optimus Prime – Metallic (Generation 1 – Twin Pack) Autobot3″ Robot Masters TRU Exclusive
Cliffjumper (ROTF – Versus Pack) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters TRU Exclusive
  Dead End (ROTF – Versus Pack) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters TRU Exclusive
 Offroad Ironhide (ROTF – Versus Pack) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters TRU Exclusive
  Deep Desert Brawl (ROTF – Versus Pack) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters TRU Exclusive
 Rescue Ratchet (ROTF – Versus Pack) Autobot 3″ Robot Masters TRU Exclusive
 Blackout (ROTF – Versus Pack) Decepticon 3″ Robot Masters TRU Exclusive
Megatron (G.I.Joe Crossovers) Decepticon6″ Cybertron Heroes Wave 12006
 Optimus Prime (War Within) Autobot6″ Cybertron Heroes  Wave 1 200
 Jetfire (War Within)  Autobot 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 2
 Thundercracker (War Within)Decepticon 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 2
 Optimal Optimus (Beast Wars) Maximal 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 3
 Scourge (Generation 1)Decepticon 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 3
Rodimus Prime (Generation 1) Autobot 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 4
 Soundwave with Laserbeak (Generation 1) Decepticon 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 4
 Optimus Prime (Robots in Disguise) Autobot 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 5
 Starscream (War Within) Decepticon 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 5
 Cheetor (Beast Machines)Maximal 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 6
The Fallen (War Within)Decepticon 6″ Cybertron Heroes Wave 6
Megatron (War Within) Decepticon 6″ Cybertron Heroes Wave 7
 Ultra Magnus (Generation 1)Autobot 6″ Cybertron Heroes Wave 7
 Sunstorm (War Within) Decepticon 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 8
Ultra Magnus (War Within) Autobot 6″ Cybertron HeroesWave 8
 Menasor (Generation 1)Decepticon6″ Cybertron HeroesHasbro Toy Shop Exclusive
 Skywarp (War Within)Decepticon6″ Cybertron Heroes Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive
 Megatron (War Within) – Two PackDecepticon6″ Cybertron Heroes TRU Exclusive
 Optimus Prime (War Within) – Two Pack  Decepticon 6″ Cybertron Heroes TRU Exclusive
 Grimlock (War Within) Autobot 6″ Cybertron Heroes TRU Exclusive
 Prowl (War Within) Autobot 6″ Cybertron HeroesTRU Exclusive
 Hot Zone (Robots in Disguise) Autobot 6″ Cybertron HeroesTarget Exclusive
 Optimus Prime (War Within w/ Movie deco)Autobot 6″ Cybertron HeroesTarget Exclusive
Thrust (War Within) Decepticon 6″ Cybertron Heroes Target Exclusive

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