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Transformers Power Core Combiners can be dubbed as the ‘all-combiners’ line with a Targetmaster twist. Based on the ‘story’, Power Core Combiners is considered an ancient technology that permits Transformers to merge with it’s partners and in this case is either a Mini-Con Targetmaster or team drones.

The technology known as Power Core technology which were lost in the war. ‘Combinable’ Transformer were known as ‘Proto-Combiners’ were left with no option, either to live in permanent incompleteness (‘handicapped’) or have themselves submit to the ‘Gestalt Process’.

This ancient technology had laid dormant for eons and were then discovered by Autobots on Earth along with the Matrix’s database recovery assisted by the humans. This technology facilitated a symbiosis between a Commander entity with his Mini-Con. This strength perfected attributes of both Transformer besides creating bonds with shared perception.

Commanders that ‘graduate’ will have the privilege to command a team of drones. The bonding attributes was then inherited to the drones where a Commander can install his own memory traces to it’s drone effectively controlling it like the mind’s of the Commander.

The discovery was then stolen by the Decepticons, and they too share the same capability as the Autobots in upgrading themselves to be ‘combinable’ hence giving the Autobots a fair match in Power Core Combiner’s battles.

As a toyline, Power Core Combiner comes in two classes – 2-Packs and 5-Packs. For the 2-Packs, they were consist of a Commander and a Mini-Con partner. The Mini-Con partner will transform into accessories for their Commanders. In alternate mode, a Commander can fully utilize the Mini-Con as a utility such as weapon or tool. In robot mode, a Commander can wield a Mini-Con as a melee weapon, gun or armory.

5-Packs inherits a more traditional gestalt-styled approach minus the capability of each drones to transform therefore the drones are not effective without it’s Commanders. Each drone will form the limbs of the Commander where it can be an arm or leg. They are all interchangable among each other and what is cool about these drones are,  they adopt the first Movie toys Automorph technology so you can save time cracking your head to transform them individually via an effective ‘plug-n-play’ mechanism.


Wave 1

  • Huffer (long nosed semi-cab) with Caliburst (anti-aircraft cannon/rifle)
  • Searchlight (twin-rotor rescue helicopter) with Backwind (winch/rifle)
  • Smolder (fire brush truck) with Chopster (flamethrower/axe)

Wave 2

  • Icepick (half tread snow groomer) with Chainclaw (missile launcher)
  • Leadfoot (F1 race car) with Pinpoint (engine-cannon/rifle)
  • Sledge (rockwheel trencher construction vehicle) with Throttler (drill)

Wave 3

  • Darkstream (stealth jet) with Razorbeam (cannon/axe)
  • Steelshot (cannon transport truck) with Beacon (winch/rifle)
  • Windburn (twin-rotor rescue helicopter) with Darkray (anti-aircraft cannon/rifle)

Wave 4

  • Heavytread (Mervaka battle tank) with Groundspike (mine plow/claw)
  • Skyhammer (SU-35 fighter jet) with Airlift (gun emplacement)

Wave 5

  • Salvage (monster truck) with Bomb-Burst (missile launcher)
  • Undertow (speedboat) with Waterlog (gun emplacement)


Wave 1

  • Bombshock (cannon truck) with Combaticon drones (APC, armored car, missile carrier & tank)
  • Skyburst (stealth jet) with Aerialbot drones (chopper, combat copter, fighter jet & recon plane)

Wave 2

  • Double Clutch (sports car) with Rallybot drones (race car, tuner car, drag racer & street racer)
  • Mudslinger (monster truck) with Destructicon drones (armored junker, armored truck, dune buggy & heavy hauler)

Wave 3

  • Crankcase (semi cab) with Destron drones (assault vehicle, combat copter, missile carrier & spy plane)
  • Stakeout (fire response truck) with Protectobot drones (fighter jet, APC, mobile artillery & rescue chopper)

Wave 4

  • Grimstone (Styracosaurus) with Dinobot drones (Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus & Spinosaurus)
  • Steamhammer (bulldozer) with Constructicon drones (driller, front end loader, plower & steamroller)

Wave 5

  • Over-Run (F1 racing car) with Stunticon drones (drift racer, junker, rocket truck & street racer)



  • Skyburst with Aerialbots (Includes Skyburst, Searchlight, Backwind, and the Aerialbots)

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