Terminology encompasses the way a Transformers was packaged
Terminology encompasses the way a Transformer was packaged & the conditions it comes with

Now you have at least know what category you wanted to be associated with so it is time to understand the collecting terminologies that we in TransMY and most international community use.

Packaging terminology explains the packaging condition which applies to boxed or carded Transformers.

Packaging Terminology

  • MISB – Mint in Sealed Box mean the boxed item has not been open before i.e. factory sealed.
  • MIB – Mint in Box mean the boxed item has been opened before, possibly played and displayed, decal applied (sometimes not) and being boxed back by it’s owner.
  • MOSC – Mint on Sealed Card mean the bubble-carded item has not been open yet i.e. factory sealed.
  • MOC – Mint on Card means the bubble-carded item has been opened and played with before being repacked again by it’s owner.
  • MISP – Mint in Sealed Package, used to describe sealed items that cannot be accurately described by “carded” or “boxed.”
  • MIP – Min in Package, used to describe sealed items that cannot be accurately described by “carded” or “boxed” but possibly opened for inspection, displayed or played before being repackaged by it’s owner.
  • Loose – The toy has been opened and there the official box or bubble-card has been discarded. Even if the owner repackaged them again by packing them using an unofficial box or bag is still considered loose item.

Condition Terminology

The ‘C’ (condition) method is the simplest and most commonly recognised by collectors where it rates toys on a scale designated by C1 to C10.

  • C-9.5 – the highest grade assigned to packaged items that is nearly flawless. The item is free from creasing or noticeable wear. It may have very slight edge wear and may be punched. The bubble will typically be crystal clear with no sign of yellowing. The overall appearance of the card will be new.
  • C-9 – still a high graded condition package where item might probably have at least 1 visible slight defect that prevents it from being C-9+. The minor defects can be slight yellowing on the bubble, slight wrinkle and some slight edge and punch wear.
  • C-8.5 – an above average condition package with minor problems like C-9 but slightly more in the same aspects or perhaps some sticker tear.
  • C-8 – is a minor to average wear to the card and bubble. It may inherit the same minor problem as above with extra tear on the stickers and bubble condition.
  • C-7.5 – average wear to the card and bubble where package may have a larger sticker tear, larger bubble indent, or a more severe combination of the defects listed above. In all, the defects are very noticeable and still, the package is still displayable.
  • C-7  almost below average with prevalent problems such a serious dent on the bubble, heavy creasing, slight crack visible and combination of other defects listed above.
  • C-6 – graded as below the average card and bubble. Though figure is still sealed and mint, the package wear is a deterrent for the package to be put on display.
  • C-5.5 – is considered very low condition. The figure should still be mint and unopened, but the package will have heavy wear with some details such as instructions, tech spec card or stock images beyond recognition.
  • C5.0 – graded low where package and bubble has heavy wear damage, torn, stains and discolouration.
  • C5.0 – graded low where package and bubble has heavy wear damage, torn, stains and discolouration. Content may be broken due to mishandling or negligence.
  • C4.5 – graded low where package is being salvage with tapes with serious crease, discolouring on the figure and package.
  • C4.0 – graded very low and package almost impossible to salvage. Content may be damaged and might be considered to be used for parts.
  • C3.5 – graded extremely low with package and bubble beyond salvage, content might be damaged but parts are still very much usable.
  • C3.0 – major damage in everything with still many reasonable usable parts.
  • C2.5 – few usable salvaged parts and extreme damage.
  • C2.0 – totally banged up and only few recognisable parts to be used/salvaged
  • C1.5 – very poor and almost near to being discarded
  • C1.0 – little or no parts to be salvaged and readily to be discarded, have no value whatsoever.

Note: ‘C’ grading can be most accurate if it is done with the help of expert members, honesty and most important of all, some simple common sense!

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