Did The Decepticons Infiltrated U.S. Air Force?

Did The Decepticons Infiltrated U.S. Air Force?

23/05/2019 0 By Administratus Prime

This is pretty ‘amazing’ as some unsettling news from a popular Transformers fan site that the Decepticons, have somehow ‘managed’ to infiltrate the United States military.

These Cybertronians—or “Transformers,” as they’re more commonly known—are actually robots in disguise, as they can change into vehicles (or, occasionally, boomboxes and cassette tapes) in order to hide on unsuspecting planets and steal resources.

To put it simply, they are more than meets the eye. Of course, we can’t claim that an alien invasion is under way without proof, so here it is:

Decepticon insignia visible Credits Tech Sgt Jocelyn A Ford

That is a U.S. Air Force F-15C Eagle, photographed at an “undisclosed location” somewhere in Southwest Asia, with an unmistakable Decepticon logo painted on the side. Still not convinced? Still not shaking in terror from the idea of our planet soon being conquered by the tyrannical Megatron?

Well, just behind the Decepticon logo is the name “Starscream,” which happens to be the name of one of the Decepticon army’s most feared generals, and in the original Transformers cartoon and toy line—err, documentary and toy line—Starscream could transform into an F-15 Eagle.

He may not have the same red and white paint job that he had in the ‘80s, but that’s definitely the real Starscream and he’s definitely plotting to destroy us. (Don’t bother pointing out the clearly visible pilot, because that’s obviously just a hologram.)

Well, it’s either that or there’s some big nerd in the Air Force flying a cool jet in Southwest Asia. The only way to know for sure is to park this jet in front of some of our valuable Earth resources and see if he turns into a robot to steal them.

In the meantime, whoever is working at this undisclosed location should be extremely wary of suspicious vehicles or audio equipment, because they are probably alien robots. Here’s some troubling footage of Starscream in action:

Credits: AVclub.com