Transformers Armada

Transformers Armada toy line was introduced in-conjunction of the animated series launched between 2002-2003. It was actually scheduled as early as 2001. It was known as Micron Densetsu on the Japanese side.

Just like other Transformers franchise, this franchise involves a close joint-venture between Takara and Hasbro. Armada is the first of the series in the Unicron Trilogy that introduced Mini-Con as a new faction. The Mini-Cons was a concept absent from Transformers for more than ten years with it’s predecessors emulate traits of Targetmasters, Headmasters and Breastmasters.

The Mini-Cons made very distinctive as each primary toy will include one or more Mini-Con partners and once plugged in (powered up), will activate a gimmick.

The concept of Armada had severely limit articulation that was sacrificed to keep price down as it needs to accommodate a Mini-Con partner to every mold. Articulation points such as ball joints is almost non-existent. The larger robots had traits of Generation One which was blocky but sturdy.

As for size class, Armada has disposed of the Basic, Deluxe, Mega and Ultra size classes, in favor of a somewhat less intuitive Mini-Con, Supercon, Maxcon, Gigacon, Super Base and Supreme system. This was presumably done to integrate the Mini-Con name into the system.

Towards the end of the franchise, some Transmetal Beast Wars characters have been re-introduced with new paintjobs and of course coupled with some Mini-Con partners. Unfortunately, only certain figures contain Mini-Con ports and they did not perform any gimmicks.

Cyclonus w/ Crumplezone  Decepticon  Supercon  1  2002
Demolishor w/ Blackout   Decepticon Supercon  1  2002
Hot Shot w/ Jolt  Autobot Supercon  1  2002
Sideways w/ Crosswise & Rook   Decepticon Supercon 2  2002
Smokescreen w/ Liftor    Autobot Supercon 2  2002
Blurr w/ Incinerator   Autobot Supercon 3  2002
Optimus Prime w/ Over-Run    Autobot  Supercon  3  2002
Rhinox w/ Armorhide   Autobot Supercon  4.5 2003
Side Swipe w/ Nightbeat   Autobot  Supercon  4.5 2003
Terrorsaur w/ Ironhide  Decepticon  Supercon  4.5  2003
Thrust w/ Inferno  Decepticon  Supercon  4.5 2003
Airazor w/ Nightscream   Autobot  Supercon  5 2003
Hoist w/ Refute   Autobot  Supercon  5  2003
Wheeljack w/ Wind Sheer   Decepticon  Supercon  5  2003
Cheetor w/ Cliffjumper   Autobot  Supercon  6  2003
Cyclonus (Powerlinx) w/ Crumplezone  Decepticon  Supercon  6  2003
Hot Shot (Powerlinx) w/ Jolt   Autobot  Supercon  6 2003
Thrust (Powerlinx) w/ Inferno  Decepticon  Supercon  6 2003
Demolishor (Powerlinx) w/ Blackout   Decepticon  Supercon  6 2003
Nemesis Prime w/ Run-Over  Decepticon  Supercon  7 2003
Thrust – Red (Powerlinx) w/ Inferno  Decepticon  Supercon  7  2003
 Red Alert w/ Longarm  Autobot  Maxcon  1 2002
 Starscream w/ Swindle   Decepticon  Maxcon  1  2002
 Scavenger w/ Rollbar  Autobot  Maxcon  2  2002
 Thundercracker w/ Zapmaster  Decepticon  Maxcon  2  200
 Overload w/ Rollout  Autobot Maxcon  3  2003
 Skywarp w/ Thunderclash  Decepticon  Maxcon   3  2003
 Predacon w/ Skid-Z & Side Burn  Decepticon  Maxcon  4  2003
 Red Alert (Powerlinx) w/ Longarm  Autobot  Maxcon  4  2003
 Megatron w/ Leader-1   Decepticon  Gigacon  1 2002
 Jetfire w/ Comettor Autobot Gigacon  2  2002
 Galvatron w/ Clench   Decepticon  Gigacon  3  2003
 Tidalwave w/ Ramjet   Decepticon  Gigacon  4  2003
 Jetfire (Powerlinx) w/ Comettor Autobot Gigacon  5  2003
 Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug Autobot  Super Base  1  2002
 Optimus Prime (Powerlinx) w/ Corona Sparkplug  Autobot  Super Base  1 2003
Unicron Decepticon Supreme  1 2002
Laserbeak Autobot  Roleplay  1 2002
Slapper Autobot  Basic Walmart Exclusive 2003
 Sludge  Autobot  Basic  Walmart Exclusive  2003
 Swoop  Autobot Basic  Walmart Exclusive  2003
 Grimlock  Autobot  Supercon  Walmart Exclusive  2003
 Snarl  Autobot  Supercon  Walmart Exclusive  2003
 Triceradon  Autobot  Supercon  Walmart Exclusive  2003
Adventure Team
(Dune Runner, Iceberg, Ransack)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con 3.5 2002
Air Assault Team
(Jetstorm, Runway, Sonar)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con  4  2003
Air Defense Team
(Jetstorm, Runway, Sonar)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con  1 2002
Air Military Team
(Gunbarrel, Terradive, Thunderwing)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con 5  2003
Destruction Team
(Buzzsaw, Drill Bit, Dualor)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con  2 2002
Emergency Team
(Firebot, Makeshift, Prowl)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con 5 2003
 Land Military Team
(Bonecrusher, Knockout, Wreckage)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con 1 2002
 Night Attack Team
(Broadside, Fetch, Scattor)
 Mini-Con  4 2003
 Race Team
(Dirt Boss, Downshift, Mirage)
 Mini-Con Mini-Con  2 2002
Road Assault Team
(Dirt Boss, Downshift, Mirage)
 Mini-Con  Mini-Con  6 2003
 Road Wrecker Team
(Buzz Saw, Drill Bit, Dualor)
 Mini-Con Mini-Con  6 2003
 Sea Team
(Oceanglide, Stormcloud, Waterlog)
 Mini-Con Mini-Con  4  2003
 Space Team
(Astroscope, Payload, Sky Blast)
  Mini-Con  Mini-Con 3 2002
 Street Action Team
(Grindor, High Wire, Sureshock)
 Mini-Con   Mini-Con 2 2002
 Street Speed Team
(Backtrack, Oval, Spiral)
 Mini-Con   Mini-Con  3 2002


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