RF-002 Empyrean Espionage Upgrade Kit Review

RF-002 Empyrean Espionage Upgrade Kit Review

07/02/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

Back in 2009, Hasbro didn’t choose to do any remolding (little, if any) so most fig are just a straight repaint of former mold (ie Classic Prowl to Smokescreen and Silverstreak). The choice of characters are welcoming however the execution are not. A repaint on Universe (Ultra Class) Silverbolt was released, named Skyfall (Walmart Exclusive).

Universe Skyfall packaging

Robot Mode

Skyfall robot mode

As appealing the color scheme is, the lack of differentation between him and Silverbolt (and Universe Darkwing) was a bit of a turnoff. Here’s the upgrade kit by Renderform came in place.

Robot mode upgraded

The kit consist of 2 new guns, 1 new head and 2 translucent visor.


Closer look of the kits

Red visor - Here he is. A homage to G2 Skyjack

Yellow Visor

The visor works well be the figure due to the LED which incorporated in all of Universe Ultra Class figures. But more on that after this.

Alternate Mode

Universe Skyfall alternate mode


Universe Skyfall upgraded alternate mode - Light up for more better effect

Nothing much change with the addtion of the kit, only the replacement of the original gun (or addition) with the 2 new guns


Giving an even better reference to G2 Skyjack.

A simple kit that totally change the feel of the figure

Without the help of the LED, the Red visor does seems a bit dull due the the dark red color used

A homage that it deserves, Hasbro take note

Adds value, and adds realism

Renderform perfected him

A bad ass face makes menacing an impact

All Cyberjets will reborn with this kit

All hail Skyfall, oops..Skyjack!




Simple yet effective. Huge difference can be see before and after using the kit.


Nice touch in keeping the original of the figure (the LED). The flavors of 2 colored visors makes it appealing. You’ll be spoilt for choice.


Homage color – black. This is what it should be.

Fun Factor

Doesn’t really change much from the original figure but the LED visor add to the coolness of this figure for play or display.


Easy-to-use kit, literally by everyone.


It might not be an impressive figure to some but judging how much improvment the kit brought out, it’s definately worth it.


Fit for sentimental fans, a must get for homage freaks. Hopefully it will be released to cater other Cyberjets. If you are fan of this mold – Skyfall, Silverbolt and Dreadwind from the Universe line, make sure you grab extras for spares.


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