The definition of TransMY encompasses the word trans and my where trans (trns) means;

  1. across;
  2. on the other side;
  3. beyond; and on the other hand,
  4. is also a short for ‘Transformers’

And MY refers to;

  1. Malaysian domain addresses,
  2. A Malaysian and
  3. Of me or myself

Therefore, both trans and MY combined thus the word TransMY was born. In this context, TransMY bear the meaning of;

  1. The expansion of the fandom away from it’s American and Japanese origins to the Malaysian soil,
  2. The Transformers fandom was equally shared, appreciated and enjoyed by Malaysians like the rest of the world,
  3. The fandom was founded by a Malaysian and dedicated back to the Malaysians.

During the time of founding till 2005, TransMY was an abbreviation of ‘Malaysian Transformers Fandom Group’. Towards 2005, the name was changed to ‘Transfans Malaysia to reflect the dynamic-ism of the group.


The purpose of Transfans Malaysia’s (TransMY) founding is to;

  1. Provide fans a fulfilment via their old chilhood dreams
  2. Provide an alternative where collecting Transformers was a ‘recognized’ hobby
  3. Provide a hangout whrelike minded fans can exchange views and enjoy their hobby together without prejudice and obscurity.
  4. Provide information for the general public especially for the Asian stereotypical minds that toy collecting for adults is not embarassing
  5. Provide fans where they could use our platform to prove that their hobby is worthwhile and fulfiling.
  6. Provide a place where Transformers was idolised as a very mainstream and celebrated pop culture tha was recognised world wide.
  7. Provide an atmosphere where this hobby is enjoyed by both sexes – male and female.
  8. Provide iand cater all types of fans – toy collectors, show fans, creative art fans, rekindled fans etc
  9. Provide ways to liaise with other toy collecting groups proving Malaysian society is very much open the culture of toy collecting.
  10. Provide medium for social networking to forge new friendships via our social activities such as gathrings and meetups


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