Up Close Human Alliance Soundwave

Up Close Human Alliance Soundwave

16/11/2011 6 By Administratus Prime

Seems like Alfes of higekumatoytoy has gotten himself another good stuff again, and this time he is showcasing DOTM DD-09 Human Alliance Soundwave with Mr.Gould and Laserbeak in his blog.

Lets run through what Mr.Alfes got in store for us today. Be informed that this is a Takara-Tomy version of Human Alliance Soundwave.

DD-09 Soundwave - front view packaging

DD-09 Soundwave - back view packaging

DD-09 Soundwave - bio card and tech spec. neat!

DD-09 Soundwave - alt mode angled view

DD-09 Soundwave - alt mode side view

DD-09 Soundwave - alt mode with doors open

Mr.Gould in the car.

Even Mr.Gould not spared by Hasbro. He is the new mr.shorty in town.

Laserbeak in all his birdy glory

Laserbeak in his supposedly targetmaster mode for Soundwave?

DD-09 Soundwave - front view robot mode.

DD-09 Soundwave - omg he can kneel..awesome

DD-09 Soundwave - tri-finger feet...that aint sexay

DD-09 Soundwave - HA is going for a downsize. Shame on u hasbro