Thundershred Review (Fans Project Causality)

Thundershred Review (Fans Project Causality)

20/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Fans Project has answered G1 fans prayers by releasing a ‘not-Insecticon’ item emulating G1 Shrapnel. This figure is a stand-alone figure almost compliant with your Generation/RTS line! You can fool noobs as they blend in so well into mainstream Hasbro line (yeah shame).

Thundershred was released under Fans Project sub-line called Causality (not casualty) Crossfire. He is the first three of the ‘non-Insecticon’ that was released to the general market very recently. Thundershred is a super cool homage to Decepticon G1 Shrapnel. TransMY had the privilege to review him thanks to Bearmafia.

Shred-125 Data Entry #103  


Today I was Reborn,

After months of training, We passed the last of the tests given by MASTER. He looked so pleased. he gave us new identities, along with the power to control the basic elements. Master bestowed upon me the ability to control lightning and thunder, and gave me the name “ThunderShred”. we were now ready to execute the last part of the mission given by our Master.

Yes, we were finally ready to carry out the mission given by the Dark Lord, Our True Master!, the three of us have followed the plan as instructed from the start. from the day i met Bomb-271, and received the mission from the dark lord, everything has proceeded as the dark lord expected, the only thing left to do. extinguish master’s ember and retrieve “the object”. then we can finally get what we want.

I cannot forget the eyes of Master, as we watched his ember extinguish, after piercing it with an energy blade from his back, he never expected this, right until the end. i felt sorry, but this was our mission. Now we have “the object”, and Master is finally eliminated. now with our new received powers and identities, we have everything in our hand.

Today, I was Reborn..

And that folks is the cover story behind Thundershreds bio card, seems like it hints of new releases or just a story. Okay people, I’m here to give a pictorial review of Fansproject Causality CA-03 Thundershred, and I shall go over – Packaging, robot mode, alternate mode, gimmicks and transformations.


The packaging is made of durable hard cardboard and sealed at the side flaps with the trademark FP circular seals, box size is the same as Warcry and Flame Blast, has a very convenient plastic window for you MISB fanatics so you dont have to remove the toy. The plastic blister packaging is made of very durable plastic and seals the toy in very tightly and secure also as it was sealed by the plastic seal tapes at each side. The instructions and bio card are attached onto the silver back card.

Front view of packaging

Side view of packaging

Back view of packaging

Top view of packaging

Bottom view of packaging

Blisters view from packaging

I give it 4 stars on the basis of good packaging a mix of both G1 and modern FP creativity, however they could save space by placing the accessories underneath the blister pack to save space. If you think about it, the where you can see the toy? That’s just the only part that is filled, the rest is just a waste of space. All in all, the packaging is nice.

Robot Mode

Just like most traditional Decepticon, the purple and black deco is really spot on for this bulky fella. Contrary to previously released figures, the materials has seen much improvement as the plastics finish is much more smoother compared to the rough ones applied to other figures.

The joints is really tight with overall physics showed Fans Projects really took their QC to a higher level just like what they did to Thundershred.

Here i have him with his full extended claws..really long..

View from the top, again very long claws.

Testing out his tight hips and articulation on the knees and ankles

Standing straight for the front view, very neat and menacing looking robot, definitely an upgrade from G1 mold.

Side View, again all the dimensions are filled nicely.

Closer view of his claws. it uses the same clip system and peg systems as the TF generation/united molds. and also theres a place for all his gimmicks even in alt mode.

Closer view of his torso, as you can see from the head mold, or the whole mold in general, its focused on the bots being ninja’s. and as you can see on his…um torso, theres sort of a logo of his name sake.

Closer view of his feet from the front, very solid and stable and motions on his feet are quite articulated.

His feet from the back.

The robot from the back reveals his alternate mode legs and head also if you notice the peg hole in the center, thats where his shuriken is attached when not in use.

I give him 5 stars on the basis on the robot is very durable. I accidentally dropped him and there is not even a dent or scratch! The plastic is very solid and does not have that cheap feel. The robot mode itself has multiple points of articulation, from head to ankle, and his ball joints are quite a snug. I actually moved his hips about 100 swivels and a consistent force, and its still tight and snug. He holds his weapons in place and the clip system on his wrist that holds his blades are just ingenious.

Alternate Mode

4 stars, lets see, well just like MP-09, it requires finesse and precise transformation, getting it right for the first time is not entirely impossible, but it can be annoying. The cybernetic beetle mode looks awesome, its like a military vehicle (skynet anyone?) . However at certain views and angles, the beetle looks quite weird and also doesn’t look like a beetle at all, especially from the front.


This guy is heaven sent as he is beautifully coloured and structured. G1 fan boys will love him for a fact that he is a resurrected clone of the original G1 Shrapnel.


Just like a standard Generation / RTS toy, he had point of articulation all over the place from his arms, head swivels, torso and legs.


He is engineered and emulated from it’s G1 counterpart so well giving him a new life in a new body though it is not officially Hasbro.


The big shuriken, he holds it firmly and balanced, and as you can see it utilises all of his claws. The normal shuriken can be utilised with shorter claws and I love this pose as well as the gimmick. The back is where he stores the shuriken when not in use, actually even with the big shuriken, you can still fit in behind here and here is the front with the shuriken attached at the back, amazingly enough its hidden.


Dominantly black, purple and yellow. Spot on colors based on his G1 homage.

Fun Factor

His articulation plus shuriken weapons compliment each other for new exciting poses and melee action. Cybernetic bug form looks as menacing as watching him in the G1 cartoons. One thing fo’ sho’ – epic!


Not too complex but focus must be given on his back, unfolding process of the insect legs and the body.


Is it a worth buy? For me it is! If you are a Classic/Generations collector, go ahead and add this into your line. I’m pretty sure you will love it as much as I do.


It is a welcoming addition to the classics line, and I’m quite impressed with what Fansproject has done, I can’t wait for the rest of the two figures. The size is on par with the deluxe figures and the articulation is definitely one of its key features. The gimmicks are simple but effective and its quite durable with the toy itself is quite durable.



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