The Ride’s Deluxe Evac Toy Revealed

The Ride’s Deluxe Evac Toy Revealed

09/02/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

Evac has been the centre of attraction for the upcoming Transformers Ride, and not only appearance-wise in the ride, it’s toys to gained much of attention when a prototype version surfaced recently in a HK Transformers fan forum.

The exclusive figure provides us a new look at the top of the figure’s vehicle mode where it’s designs are developed true to the character for the Universal Studio ride.

The Ride Evac: Prototype revealed

Evac mock up packaging

The real Evac

Evac's alt mode

While the Deluxe treatment is the most anticipated one among the fans, the Cyberverse Legion treatment for fans will followup when the toy comes out this year.