Cybertron Updates

05/07/2005 0 By Administratus Prime

US Toys ‘R’ U is now stocking Cybertron Supreme Starscream. It was spotted in Philadelphia by crew. Cybertron is getting in full swing very soon. Photo can be seen here.

tfw2005 boards has shared some in package pictures of the Cybertron Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus 2 (RID redeco) pack featuring their Robots in Disguise toy incarnations. To see the back of the box, click here

Cybertron has been spotted in Mexico as reported by The items were Cybertron wave 2 scout assortment. If current trends continue expect this wave to start showing up in other countries very soon. Pics can be seen here featuring Clocker & Ransack in the pics.

Advertisements has added three more figures to their Transformers Shop page. Added are Cybertron figures Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream(yes it’s still the larger sized one).