Transformers 4 Pitch? Last Energon Crystal Looks Promising

Transformers 4 Pitch? Last Energon Crystal Looks Promising

29/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Everybody wants a bit of the Transformers glamour and Youtube have been swarmed with indie videos of their own Transformers rendering. Not all stand out but this one certainly does.

Not sure if this was meant to be a ‘subliminal’ pitch to Hasbro for Transformers 4, Michael Bay need to watch out that it’s time for the rise of Robert Kouba.

Well, that’s right, the man behind The Rift is behind this upcoming fan short based on the Transformers, and with the teaser he sent our way I can’t believe he hasn’t received more attention.


The story goes – in 1964 the largest meteor shower in history hit mankind. According to the government all of the meteors burned down before they could reach planet earth. The government concealed that one meteor didn’t burn down, it hit planet earth. It was the last energon crystal, the last energy source for the transformers. Letting them fight ’til death.


Check out the official poster. Not sure how it’s going to look like, but it is worth anticipating as an entertaining filler for upcoming Transformers movie productions.

Last Energon Crystal