TF3 Filming Wraps Up

TF3 Filming Wraps Up

13/11/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Despite previous reports that Transformers: Dark of the Moon would wrap up principal photography last month (here), Michael Bay and the rest of the crew went onto Los Angeles to continue filming.

However, Tyrese Gibson posted on his Twitter today that filming may now be completed after today. “I’m up. On set with what we all hope to be on the last day of filming of Transformers 3.. I will keep you updated!!” he said.

This would make since as we’ve heard a lot of news about the film lately including the official synopsis (here) and logo (here).


Transformers 3 will undoubtedly feature as many (if not more) special effects than the previous film, and Bay would need to get started on that soon for it to be completed on time as well as work on the scenes that will be post-converted in 3D (here).

We can also expect to hear what robots, new and old, that will be featured in the film. We can also expect to see a teaser trailer sometime early next year.