Transformers 3 HD Game Are Freebies in Nokia

Transformers 3 HD Game Are Freebies in Nokia

03/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Good news for Nokia users (unfortunately for Malaysians). You can catch hold of the Decepticons while you are saving the world against the Decepticons invasion in the new Transformers 3 DOTM game which was made available now on Nokia OVi store for free!

TF3 is an Ovi freebie

Thanks to Electronic arts, they have added the game to the Nokia Ovi store. The news only gets better as the only official game inspired by the new movie is available absolutely free of cost and furthermore in HD. The same game had made its debut appearance on iOS but as a paid version.

The game emulates the same concept as its paid counterpart for iOS devices and features 13 realistic levels that try to recreate the movie storyline and the experience. Users can choose to play as Optimus Prime or Bumblebee and engage with the Decepticons in one on one battles or can crush them while in vehicle mode.


Similar to the movie, the game also is set out in five different movie inspired locations including Chernobyl, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Chicago and even the Moon.

The game offers three different levels of difficulty settings and has 13 unlockable weapons.

Users can download and install this game on their full touchscreen phones running on Symbian S60 and above only. There is no news as whether this game will remain as a free ware or will get a price tag later on. But as of now the game is available for free to all Nokia users.