Third Party ‘Not-Dinobot’ Dino Gestalt

Third Party ‘Not-Dinobot’ Dino Gestalt

12/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

These third-party Transformers, ‘not-Dinobot’ Dino Combiners have appeared as CAD drawings many months back, and just before we ‘forgot’ about them, they are making a sweet come back with their finalized look as revealed by ACToys. Based on their appearance in the original CAD images that appeared to be adaptations of the Dinobots, the idea behind this is showing a dinosaur version of Grimlock with some early transformation ideas of the other Dinobots. Thanks to the earlier CAD and Actoys, we now have new full color images of TFC Toys Dino Combiners. From the looks of the photos, it seems that they are not going for the true G1 aesthetics. From there, is no surprise considering the original concept art for these figures didn’t feature G1 colors either.

Dino Combiner - in comparison

Dino Combiner - Close up comparison

Dino Combiner - All dino beast mode

Dino Combiner - close up combiner mode

Dino Combiner - full body shot

Dino Combiner - early CAD images

Dino Combiner - head sculpt designs

The other combiner team in the images is another TFC Toys project based on the Star Cats Rescue Team cartoon, in other words not Transformers related, though they have hinted at a Defensor like repaint of this team. A computer render of the Dino Combiners combined mode head has also been posted.