“Streetside Bot Brawl” Revealed As TRU Exclusive

“Streetside Bot Brawl” Revealed As TRU Exclusive

26/09/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

We have seen earlier a redeco of Shockwave in a ‘Crystal’ form and a translucent voyager class Optimus Prime with unknown belongings to which release.

The mystery has been answered when Australian transfan from Ozformers have revealed to us from his local TRU that the two is actually part of a tri-pack TRU exclusive known as “Streetside Bot Brawl” also featuring a translucent Bumblebee which is still unseen yet.

"Streetside Bot Brawl" in package - front view

"Streetside Bot Brawl" - back view of packaging

Interestingly, the Voyager Optimus Prime Mechtech weapon will be Deluxe Laserbeaks’s MechTech weapons meanwhile the Deluxe Bumblebee repaint comes with some battle damage paint apps, and the MechTech weapon from Deluxe Skids.


"Streetside Bot Brawl" - closeup of individual robots

According to the article on Ozformers the product code is #34074 which matches the “TF3 Voyager Deluxe Pack” priced at $49.99. This release is still uncertain to be made available in US and Asia, and all we can do is just wait.