Maketoys Revealed Their Version of Computron

Maketoys Revealed Their Version of Computron

28/03/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

What makes third party receive continuous support is because they listen to fans. And being a good listener will bring them good. Enough of Hercules (Devastator) fever, Maketoys have some new stuff in store for us.

If you look closely with the evident view of the drill bit on the robot’s leg, one might have instantly guessed that the robot is going to be the infamous Computron.

The picture was sighted on website itself. This suggests that 2012 will be a gestalt year after all perhaps the year of Technobots?


Seems like Maketoys is going to go neck to neck with TFC to win support of who had the best Computron! It’s going to be a combiners showdown after all, no doubt!

Maketoys Computron