First Looks Glimpse Of Cyberverse Legion Evac

First Looks Glimpse Of Cyberverse Legion Evac

31/03/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

Evac is the mascot for Transformers The Ride and he will be one of the last Dark of The Moon figures released but with a Transformers Prime packaging.

We have in store now a set of pictures surfaced from Hongkong transfans via HK-TF are the earliest glimpse of the first non-official views of the Transformers The Ride Cyberverse Legion Evac figure in both vehicle and robot mode.

What is unique about this figure is, to get them you have 2 alternatives; first as part of Transformers Prime Wave 2 Cyberverse legions along his wavemates – Breakdown, Soundwave and Mirage, OR


As part of the Universal Studio Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood shop exclusive packaging. Evac’s deluxe figure counterpart will be an exclusive to the Universal Studios stores only.

Cyberverse Evac robot mode

Cyberverse Evac alternate mode