Deluxe Optimus Prime Repaint

Deluxe Optimus Prime Repaint

11/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Just not long ago, MechTech deluxe Optimus Prime with standard colours was announced as part of the Transformers Dark of The Moon line up making it the most complete line up of Optimus Prime available in all classes from Cyberverse Commanders to Ultimate.

A forumer from Tformers/Seibertron had recently leaked out a new Taobao auction by giving us another glimpse of the upcoming Transformers Dark of the Moon Mechtech Deluxe Optimus Prime repaint that we got a first look at early last week.

The figure would be receiving a new paintjob of paint as well as a new MechTech weapon. The colours seem to me like a homage of G1 Optimus with heavily decoed red and blue scheme.

The previous colours comes with tinted red, so this one gives us a better look the figure’s new paint job, which looks good with the gold flames up front and gold accents on the gas tanks, foot steps, and various other bits and pieces around the vehicle.