Cyberverse Maximus Class Bumblebee Battle Suit Revealed

Cyberverse Maximus Class Bumblebee Battle Suit Revealed

23/03/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

Bumblebee Battle Suit must be one of the interesting revelations this month. Our chinese Transfans counterpart have leaked some pictures what seems to be a Cyberverse Maximus class sized robot.

The figure is some what similar in concept with the one that Optimus Maximus had which was revealed previously.

From what we can see there, it seems like most of the main characters will be paired with one of their own maximus class-like battle suit / armors.


The Maximus class will have a robot mode and a battle mode, and can hold six Cyberverse Legion and three Commander figures.

This figure was revealed during Toy Fair 2012 along that Optimus Maximus who will kick off the new class. Optimus Maximus will arrive in stores this fall for $34.99.

Check the image after the jump.

Cyberverse Maximus Bumblebee Battle Suit