Close Up Transformers Prime Cliffjumper

Close Up Transformers Prime Cliffjumper

04/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Good things in Transformers seem to get to Hongkong! Our fellow transfans from Transformers Galaxy have posted a lot of in-hand images of Transformers Prime deluxe class Cliffjumper in their disposal.

Thanks to them, all these are made available via their Facebook page. The showcase features shots from many angle of the figure.

Cliffjumper transformers into a Dodge Challenger vehicle mode and he comes with (of course) his signature horns which is a pretty homage of G1.


Check them out after the jump.

TFP Deluxe Cliffjumper - steadfast pose

TFP Deluxe Cliffjumper - u got a problem?

TFP Deluxe Cliffjumper - bring the rain!

TFP Deluxe Cliffjumper - cha cha?

TFP Deluxe Cliffjumper - Dodge me if u can

TFP Deluxe Cliffjumper -awesome alternate mode