Jolt Out, G2 Pyro-esque Firetruck Rolls In

04/08/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

With all the new characters coming to light in the form of vehicles seen on set and cardboard cutouts of heads on sticks, some of you have been wondering about the fate of existing characters who have not been seen on set yet.

Case in point, the Chevy Volt character Jolt. Added to Revenge of the Fallen late in the day he got very little to do in that movie, but with him in on the ground floor he could get some better screentime in the third movie, right?

You’d think a character like that would get more screen time for the third installment wouldn’t you? But guess what?


Jolt won’t be appearing in Transformers 3, AT ALL! Nelson dropped by our 2005 Boards to answer the question many of you are asking.

“No Jolt.” So sorry Jolt, it looks like your 15 seconds of fame were driving along that one stretch of road and helping Optimus Prime combine with the body of the recently deceased Jetfire.

Oh well, I guess you have to make room for new characters so you can produce new toys, right? One of the new characters rolling around Chicago, is a firetruck and it is a very flash looking Rosenbauer America Panther 1500-3000 airport firetruck which is very G2 Pyro-esque, with Autobot symbols on both cab doors. It was involved in filming on Van Buren in Chicago.

This close up photo is brought to you by TFW2005. Also check out some videos of this new addition to the stunt vehicle cast in action, courtesy of youtubers like Theowise (first video) and CollinPiersonPhoto (second video). The videos show the red ferrari, Bumblebee, this new firetruck, Sideswipe and Ironhide racing down Van Buren before all turning off into a depot, with extras playing military looking types ushering them in. Check them out below!