Infinity Warfare Set Review (Junkion Blacksmith)

Infinity Warfare Set Review (Junkion Blacksmith)

05/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Here is the review for Junkion Blacksmith’s Infinity Warfare Set which was red in colour with code number JB-00. Since this is not an action figure review, we will split the review into :

  1. Basic form
  2. Deluxe form
  3. Hyper form
  4. Ultimate form

And combined with our standard rating.

The Packaging
The Packaging Front View

Front View

The packaging: Back view

The packaging: Back view

In term of packaging, it's quite simple. Plus, the box is a bit lousy in term the quality

In term of packaging, it's quite simple. Plus, the box is a bit lousy in term the quality

The set laid out

The set laid out

Ok, I’m not gonna do equip this set to G1/G1 Reissue Predaking for 2 reasons

  1. I don’t have Predaking
  2. Just want to cover in terms of using this for smaller individual figs (classics, etc)

The set can be categorize into 4 forms as mentioned above, that will be:

Basic Form

Closeup of laid outs

This is according to the instruction while left over parts as in the inert

This is according to the instruction while left over parts as in the inert

Looks good on Nemesis Prime

Ready for some bludgeoning!

Ready for some bludgeoning!

Another deadly pose

Color wise, imagine the sword of FP Shadow Commander, with a little bit more red. The material is sturdy, just like any other hasbro/takara plastic

Deluxe Form

If you notice, as the weapon, complexity increased, more and more pieces been left over and lesser weapon in the same class/form can be made

Weapons of mass destruction

Anothe nemesis parading the arsenal

They go well with black bots

However, most of the leftover parts can be made into some individual weapons ie basic form

This is deluxe form at it's best.

That is proper hammering!

Hyper Form

There’s 3 recommended configuration for this form but….the way of the weapons attach, to me, is kinda out.

Hyper form laid out

Shadow Commander with Hyper form. And this mode looks nice with Ultra Class figures

Ultimate Form

Disclaimer : Instead of the configuration recommended, i tried to includes all the parts available to create it. The looks may not be too good, just want to show you that, the best thing bout this set is how you can work your own configuration

And I’m not using Unicron as it was already showed in the promo pics.

Bruticus with Ultimate form

And another one...

Ready for war


Now, for those who was thinking, without making the big sword etc, how well can this set do for the smaller figs. No left over parts also

Altogether now!

Menace to the society!

Sentient beings with sentient justice

Looks good on custom Nemesis

Judgement day cybertronian style

Now, THIS really suprised me. Shoulder mounted missiles for Shadow Commander

Its a wrap up!


It really does bring help improve the figure whether whom it meant to be for (G1/G1 Reissue Predaking) or other figures


No articulation cos it ain’t an action figure!


As weapons, the design is decent however there are somes that aren’t plausible. However, the good thing about this set is how YOU decide to used it


Good try for the Mix-And-Match type of set


Clear red plastics with Black parts, couldn’t go wrong

Fun Factor

There’s a fine line for this set between being super fun or annoying.


Unless you’re going with the ‘recommended’ configuration, it’s a complex set


I’ll pick it up if got nothing else to buy


A good addition for Predaking – That’s a fact! If you’re looking for extra weapon for your other figures, this actually also a good choice in term of the range of weapon available, more the Gears of Wars and even the one included in G3 Trailer.



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