Attack (PP03A) Review (i-Gear)

Attack (PP03A) Review (i-Gear)

08/09/2011 4 By Administratus Prime

PP03A Attack (not-Thrust) is one of the four seekers and one of the three coneheads that made the Masterpiece line-up seemed complete. He was out July 2011 with much anticipation of G1 seekers fan!

Just like any average MP seeker, this mould was build using MP Starscream’s as the base. Thanks to Wheeljack of, he managed to seal a deal with i-Gear producing him with a new custom head to project him as a conehed.

Still continuing the excellent build and quality, i-Gear excelled again in producing a quality build toy with awesome tight joints, gimmicks and paintjob almost as good as Hasbro’s Masterpieces release.


Lets cut the chase and lets get started.


i-Gear PP03A AttackFront view

i-Gear PP03A AttackBack (with Jets Packaging, say they are kind of connected)

i-Gear PP03A AttackStickers & biocard

i-Gear PP03A Attack

As for the comic book, there is no instructions though and this time the story is quite intriguing. It doesn’t seem to be relating to each other but Attack’s comic at the end does show a familiar Wrecker that’s going to be out soon. Who am I talking about? You’ll have to find out yourselves!

Again, the packaging could be better, it does look cheap and i-Gears could do better by making it look somewhat similar and durable to Takara-Tomy packaging. (repeat of PP03-J)

Robot Mode

i-Gear PP03A AttackOveralls

i-Gear PP03A AttackThe face, and yes to compensate the blurriness of the jet’s face, here is a better close-up of Attacks face.

i-Gear PP03A AttackView from the back (finally a better view)

i-Gear PP03A AttackAction pose

We gave it a 9 because of the fact it is so much more stable than any of the seekers. In fact its much more solid than Jet, and somehow even though similar in a few aspects, Attack has that sense of, I will ‘END YOU’ vibe. He looks much more menacing, love the wings on the back, kinda makes him look like Batman, except he has a conehead.

Alternate Mode

i-Gear PP03A Attack Stylishly NOT Thrust

i-Gear PP03A AttackTop view of the alternate mode

i-Gear PP03A AttackBottom view

The alternate mode is quite stunning and we’re quite amazed, again i-Gears has done an excellent job in reinventing G1 Thrust and bringing him to a Masterpiece scale with so much detail, that it just boasts “NAILED IT”. We really love this design as much as Jet and we can’t wait for Elegy to arrive.


PP03, boasts the awesomeness of the G1 mold from the cartoon, you could say its G1 brought to life with much improvement in details which we like a lot, another conehead successfully brought to life as an MP.


Like a standard Masterpiece toy, articulation is emphasized to all parts of the alternate mode and robot mode. It can do cartwheel poses and more.


He is engineered and emulated from it’s G1 counterpart and magnified to MP class, the toy very much pays G1 homage quite accurately, very accurately that even military people should love this rendition.


The paint apps and detailing all over are flawless (wing stripes are crisp and clean). His main body is a molded from a subtle “sparkley” blood red plastic. Wrist communicators are a superb touch (all PP03 have wrist comms on each arm). Sleek missiles suit him and it is excellent to have something different to the normal “null ray” types. Lovely box with decent bubble shell tray this time it also had extra card inserts to prevent crushing during transit to the UK. 

i-Gear PP03A AttackArticulated fingers

i-Gear PP03A AttackChest missiles

i-Gear PP03A AttackNose Cone Fuselage Connector

i-Gear PP03A AttackRotating Afterburners

i-Gear PP03A AttackLanding gears


Dominantly brownish and blood red. Spot on colors based on his G1 homage, refer to the cartoon and Gentei/Classic toys for reference.

Fun Factor

If the Gentei/Classics version brought you much fun, imagine an MP size version of the toy with stunning transformation, and a beautiful alternate mode. It just multiplies the fun to MP class.


How complex the Takara-Tomy Seekers were, it is equal and just the same, in fact you should expect the same level of difficulty and transformation.


Is it a worth buy? As an MP collector, value, price and size often are an issue, and usually i-Gears have a size to price ratio that are quite off at times, in this case, the size and price value of the coneheads are quite affordable and spot on, compared to the rest of the line i-Gear has. So is this a worth buy? It definitely is and we’re looking forward to complete the set. Only one more to go for the coneheads and 3 more to go for the rainmakers.


i-Gear PP03A Attack

Besides the torso being a wee bit loose, and we stress on the wee bit but they fixed the stability on the knee joints as well, kudos to that.

i-Gear PP03A Attack

They manage to fix what went wrong with the original seekers and PP03-J (see above), but they didnt fix one thing though and thats still the display stand.


Overall this is still a very nice figure, and serves to fill a glaring hold in anyone’s Seeker collection. If you’re into Seekers, or even collecting the Masterpiece line, we wouldn’t have a problem recommending Not-Thrust to anyone who might be interested in him. However my biggest piece of advice would be to order from an import shop that you trust. It did have a bit of a QC issue with the not-Ramjet figure, that was ordered directly from the i-Gear site, and have yet to hear back from them after several emails. Most import shops are more than willing to take care of problems when they arise, and if you do have an issue with your figure it’s nice to have that extra added comfort of knowing you’re going to at least get a response.



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