Headrobots Revealed Darksol & Tauros Upgrades

Headrobots Revealed Darksol & Tauros Upgrades

02/04/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

G1 fanatics will rejoice with these set of upgrade kits introduced by Headrobots that enables fans to appreciate the homages of Mindwipe and Skullgrin to their true self.

The upgrade kits were showcased during the most recent Victoria’s 9th Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair hosted by Cherry Bomb Toys.

As usual where copyrights are a concern, the upgrade kits for Mindwipe was called Darksol. This kit was meant for Mindwipe, the Voyager class figure released in the Revenge of the Fallen toyline to turn him true to his G1 self.


Darksol (Mindwipe) new head

Darksol kit comes with a new head, feet, chest plate, shoulder cannons, cape and more accessories undisclosed. What’s cool about this kit is the cape, that was made of cloth not just ordinary, but refined and aesthetically attractive.

Darksol (Mindwipe) new feet

Darksol (Mindwipe) new feet

The upgrade will not restrict his capabilities in housing Skystalker.

As for Tauros, he was made for Generations Skullgrin to enhance his look to be truer to his G1 self. He will come with a new head, a pair of shoulder pad, forearm guards, new weapon, and more.

Tauros (Skullgrin) - shoulder pad upgrades

The head still has yet to hit the hard copy phase. The majority of the head will still work with Skullgrin’s transformation, whether or not the horns will stay in place or be detachable is still to be determined.

Tauros (Skullgrin) - weapon upgrades

Both Tauros and Darksol is still in their prototype stage.