TF3 Megatron, Yet Another Dang Thing

TF3 Megatron, Yet Another Dang Thing

04/01/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

With Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Transformers 3) getting released July 1, 2011, it’s about time for leaked images of the toys to hit the net. And not surprisingly, they have.

While last week a few images of Megatron hit the net, today we’ve got a number of loose figures and a look at the packaging. What’s surprising about the packaging is that it says Transformers 3 and not Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Also surprising that it looks like Michael Bay has decided that Megatron has to change into something else again. (yes, again). Because god forbid he looks the same in two films in a row…like just about every other movie Transformer.


If you’re one of the unfortunate millions that saw the first two movies, you’ll remember that he turned into a space jet in the first one and a flying space tank in the second one. So, of course in the third one he turns into a… semi truck, and hopefully it doesn’t fly like the latter. Yep, the exact same thing that Optimus Prime turns into. It’s not even a space semi.

That sound you just heard was millions of transformers yawning themselves into unconsciousness.

Here’s what he looks like (after the jump):

And before you say, “Well Optimus Prime is a truck and that’s OK,” let’s go over all the things that Megatron toys have transformed into that they could’ve used instead:

G1: A Gun (It’s slightly ridiculous, but at least it’s badass.)

G2: A Tank (OK, it’s kind of similar to the last film, but still it’s giant and has a gun on it. Also, see above.)

Robots In Disguise: A robot/bat/dragon/gargoyle (Do we have to explain why that’s amazing?)

Beast Wars: A T-Rex (OK, it’s not the same character, but who wouldn’t love a robot dino with metal chompers?)

Transformers Animated: A space helicopter (Confusing as hell, but when have these movies ever made sense?)