Neck Breaker Review (TFC Toys)

Neck Breaker Review (TFC Toys)

10/02/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

The 5th member of the team, part of the last 2 of Project Hercules. Known as Bonecrusher in his Constructicon ‘days’, Neck Breaker transforms to a bulldozer giving him a perfect homage to his G1 counterpart.


Back view of packaging

Front view of packaging

Packaging graphics

No different approach was taken, just as the previous 4 releases.

Full display

Came together with him were 1) Hercules Visor to be a more G1 feels to it and 2), Heavy Labor replacement hip. Haven’t got a chance to check it since mine was still in good condition.


Robot Mode

Robot mode

Here he is. Ok, maybe it’s just me but he isn’t the best looking of all the members. Still, he has that clean look and kibble free.

Side view

The feet was design to either look like this or the blades are flip upwards (the feet will resemble Exgraver’s).

Great light-piping as usual and great help sculpt

Great light-piping as usual and great help sculpt

Side view

One of the way of storing the fist though not the most awkwardness.

Alternate Mode

The bulldozer

As his G1 counterparts, he retain the alt mode of Bulldozer (a bigger one though).

Doze' side view

A clean transformation but does involve aligment bits and pieces carefully. And the transformations are the most involving of all the releases (Madblender included).

The combiner fist, disguised as a ripper

Great detailing


A really different take on his G1 self.


Wide range of articulations for more dynamic poses.

Articulation in practice

As always, the sets does have great articulations with them. Neckbreaker, as was Exgraver, present with wide range of articulations.

They talkin balls!

One thing that bothers me was (like Exgraver), the ball joints on the hip are a bit loose considering ball joints was unadvisable to be used for figure that’s bigger than deluxe.

U want a piece of me punk?

Kapoow kapoow


The alt mode is just great and the robot mode, even though different, a really cool design on the character.


Not much as an individual bot, apart from his combined mode for the gestalt.

Combined mode - left arm

Forming the left arm of Hercules. While fundamentally the same as Exgraver, he was design to with minor changes on the forearm to look different.

Sexy arms!


Like before, not really much paint aside from the front side of alt mode.

Fun Factor

One step closer to completion, what can be more ‘fun-ner’ than that?


This really takes me on suprise. While the other 5 had the G1-take on their transformations, Neckbreaker have an involving transformations.


Better QC, seems like TFC are getting better and better.


A nice addition for CHUG-gies!


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