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20/05/2010 0

Takara-Tomy TF 2010 Unicron Out

By Administratus Prime

Via 2Chan, we have our very first picture of Takara-Tomy’s Transformers Celebration 2010 Unicron! This special release, a part of the Takara-Tomy Transformers 2010 Celebration series, is a remolded version of the Transformers Armada Unicron toy with a paint scheme based very strongly on his appearance in the 1986 Animated movie, and a new head to better resemble Unicron’s on screen appearance.

He will be released in September this year as the third entry into the 2010 Celebration along with Masterpiece Convoy Sleep Mode and a crystal Animated Optimus Prime / Rodimus two pack.

This Takara Tomy version of Unicron, with a more Generation 1 cartoon movie accurate color scheme. This new repaint version of Armada Unicron also comes with a new head sculpt. Unicron is part of the Takara Tomy’s campaign to commemorate Transformers Generation 1 “The Movie”.

The toy is open for pre-order from June 2010 and expected to be released at the end of September 2010. This version of Unicron is exclusive to Japan Toy Hobby Market.


03/04/2010 0

TFA Rodimus & Ironhide Out Fall 2010

By Administratus Prime

Animated’s Back! Hasbro’s Q&A session with the folks over at TFW2005 reveal that the next wave of Animated Exclusives will be once again at store chain Toys’R’Us. Now what exactly will these figures be? There are a selection of yet to be released Animated figures, and Hasbro reveals that TRU Exclusive Wave 2 will contain Rodimus Minor and Ironhide! Rodimus Minor is a brand new figure, while Ironhide will likely be a repaint of Cybertron Mode Ratchet.

This is what Hasbro said;

Hasbro: The current plan for the release of the current Animated figures is this: Toys R’ Us will be carrying two waves of Animated Deluxe. The first wave will be released this Spring and will include Arcee and Cybertronian Ratchet.

The second wave will be released this fall and will include Rodimus Minor and Cybertronian Ironhide. While we cannot promise that any other figures will be released, we continue to examine all of our options to make those figures that were completed available to you.

Source: Seibertron

20/01/2010 0

Skids & Screech Out Soon

By Administratus Prime

Million Publishing has updated their website concerning the release of Transformers Generations Volume 3, with Skids and Screech. The book and the figures are on schedule for the release date in January. They will start shipping a week from now on January 18.

These figures is a Million Publishing ‘exclusives’ and a direct redeco from G1 blue Skids. The duo’s current colors are a direct homage of Revenge of The Fallen’s Skids and Mudflap.

Expect the figures to come into the hand of sponsors BBTS and TFSource before the end of January, and possibly into your collection in the near future.

Source: TFW2005

28/03/2009 0

Fox Out of TF3?

By Administratus Prime

 Megan Fox got a good laugh after she received a few cat calls while leaving Little Dom’s restaurant in Los Feliz, CA today (March 17) after lunching with a friend. No sign of the actress’ on-again, off-again boyfriend/fiance Brian Austin Green. Thankfully.

13/02/2009 0

ROTF Full Trailer Out

By Administratus Prime

 I should probably read Michael Bay's personal website, since he revealed this information about a week ago, before the Super Bowl.   Consider it confirmed:  Bay's using one Bay film to sell another, and you can check it out starting Friday.

21/12/2008 0

Trailer Out February 2009

By Administratus Prime

 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Director Michael Bay has revealed that a teaser trailer will be out in February 2009, squashing the most recent rumor that a teaser trailer will be seen this Friday with The Day the Earth Stood Still.

14/11/2008 0

Checking Out Megan Fox’s Diet

By Administratus Prime

 After TRANSFORMERS hit the big screen, Megan Fox became one of Hollywood’s hottest over night! With a gorgeous smile, a beautiful body and an enormous sex appeal, it’s no wonder why former model turned superstar Megan Fox is not only slated for the sequel to TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, but also the highly anticipated second movie by Diablo Cody (who wrote the mega-hit JUNO), called JENNIFER’S BODY.