Checking Out Megan Fox’s Diet

14/11/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

So let’s take a look at the diet habits and one particular diet “trick” that this Hollywood hottie uses in this week’s edition of Checking Out Celebrity Diets & Workouts!

We all know that consistency can at times be pretty boring. After all, variety is the spice of life. Eating the same thing everyday, foods will at some point lose their flavor. However, it isn’t a bad idea to have certain foods as a staple in your everyday routine, like Megan Fox does. Check out some of the constants found in her meal plan, provided by Healthy Hollywood

  • Eggs
  • Almonds
  • Lean protein sources
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Wow, that is exactly what the Paleo Diet prescribes! All of these bullet points are not only staples in Megan Fox’s diet, but they are the foundation of the Paleo Diet. It looks like Megan Fox would top the list of  Hollywood’s Hottest Cavewomen (coming soon)!!! And that is truly a compliment, seeing that the list would only be referring to eating habits that mirror that of other successful Paleo eaters.


I know what you’re asking right now… what’s her “diet trick”? Well, according to Trend Hunter, Megan Fox was quoted as saying:

“‘It’s just water and raw apple cider vinegar, and it just cleans out your system entirely…’”

Being the skeptic health nut that I am, I did some looking into this whole apple cider vinegar claim. In a scholarly journal published by the American Family Physician, the author stated:

“Guggul (derived from the myrrh tree, Commiphora mukul) and apple cider vinegar, which contains various vitamins and minerals, have not been studied for weight loss.“

Now, I’m not trying to rain on Megan’s parade here. But all I’m saying is that her good eating habits (as long as they take into consideration what her daily caloric intake should be) are almost certainly the reason that she has a great body, not the so-called ‘apple cider vinegar cleanse’.

And it’s not just doctors backing me up here folks, it’s also experts who have clearly walked the walk, like former triathlete/health and fitness expert Mark Sisson:

“Is there much of a difference between apple cider vinegar and the regular vinegar you put on your salads? Well, if the manufacturers are to be believed, the apple-based vinegar can help banish your body of toxins, boost your metabolism and significantly reduce your diet. The reality? Vinegar is a lovely condiment, but it’s probably not worth counting on it to aid in your weight loss.”

So tune in tomorrow and check out Megan Fox’s workout routine!

Source: Go Healthy Go Fit