Turbo Tracks Revealed

Turbo Tracks Revealed

01/10/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Sssnono at ACToys and the Yahoo! Japan auction seller nihaohuwen who have posted new looks at the Transformers Generations deluxe class action figure Turbo Tracks.

We’ve seen the figure on the Hasbro slides. These new shots give is more details in robot and alternate modes.

Turbo Tracks’s accessories contains 2 white clip-on missile launchers, 1 black gun/clip-on launcher Part of the third wave of 2010 Transformers product, Turbo Tracks transforms from a blue sports car into a winged robot.


The wings can also be deployed in vehicle mode, similar to how they were on the original Tracks toy. Tracks comes with three clip-on weapons, one of which can be handheld. Since photos of Tracks depict him with a Rub Sign on his chest/car roof, it is believed that he is part of the upcoming “Reveal the Shield” promotion.