Transformers First Look Will Debut in SDCC

Transformers First Look Will Debut in SDCC

20/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Transformers MMO, the brainchild of Jagex is going to reveal their one of the most anticipated projects via this year’s San Diego Comic-Con from July 21 to July 24. It will be extraordinarily bustling as the amazing Transformers MMO would make its presence then.

Jagex has announced that they will be there at Comic-Con to show off Transformers Universe, the upcoming MMO which supported the Transformers franchise.

They will disclose some new aspects on the gameplay, artwork, character information with a new game trailer. As for teasers, they revealed that a prominent character will make a glorious return.


Transformers Universe is slated to launch in 2012. Currently, there is only a teaser website and not much information around.  As Comic-Con to start in two days with tomorrow’s “Preview Night”, more exclusive details will coming out.Soon we will know what this MMO is all about.