Grand Scourge

Grand Scourge

24/05/2004 0 By Administratus Prime

Interesting from Wiki – “He wears the badge of the Decepticons, but just who created Grand Scourge and who he answers to is a mystery.

Physically, he is a match for his clone-template Optimus Prime in strength and ability, and can even use Optimus’ own drone-limb additions! He is of course evil and utterly ruthless, but he’s also quite fiendishly clever, plus he knows when to fold ’em and run.”

Takara will be releasing a repaint of the Grand Convoy model kit from Super Link as Grand Scourge! Pre-orders and pictures are available from Hobby Link Japan! See them here.


Grand Scourge is a redeco of the “Pla-Kit” model version of Energon Optimus Prime, a miniature rendition of the normal-sized Optimus toy that comes unpainted and unassembled, and stands about 4.5 inches tall in full Hyper Mode.

He transforms into a Cybertronic truck cab, and also comes with four drone-vehicles that can attach to his limbs to form a variety of Hyper Modes: Dive-1 (submarine), Crusher-2 (drill tank), Flame-3 (fire truck), and Tornado-4 (helicopter). Scourge’s decal sheet was altered to reflect this naming change.

Interesting lil thing

Grand Scourge is gonna blast yo' arse

The kit does not come with any form of carrier-trailer for the drones, however. Grand Scourge’s handgun can actually fire small plastic BBs via pressure-launch. He also has a teeny little gold-chromed energon chip that fits onto his left shoulder-armor. It’s an Autobot-style chip, but oh well.

This kit also comes with Episode.2 of the “Optimus Prime VS Scourge” mini-comic, printed on the back of the assembly/transformation instructions. (Episode 1 came with the “Grand Convoy” kit.)