Virginia National Guard Assist TF2 Filming

17/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Guard Soldiers from both states are assisting the producers with equipment and personnel  through a joint agreement between the Department of Defense and DreamWorks Pictures.

In 2007, DreamWorks released "Transformers," a movie based on the 1980’s cartoon and toys that could “transform” from one object to another.  The United States military was portrayed in the first film and will have a roll in the second.  A release date for the sequel is not available.

Filming for the sequel began recently and the Department of Defense identified experienced National Guard units in North Carolina and Virginia for assistance. 


The Department of Defense frequently provides equipment and Soldiers for motion pictures as long as the United States Government does not incur additional costs from their involvement. Many of the star actors of the film portray U.S. Soldiers, and representatives from the United States Army were on hand to assist the director in ensuring actors portray U.S. servicemembers accurately.

The mission provided an opportunity for Soldiers of the North Carolina and Virginia National Guard to work collaboratively in the planning of this mission. Additionally, Soldiers from both states were able to receive valuable training on essential equipment.

Source: Comics2Film