Safe To Ride Despite Minor Glitch

Safe To Ride Despite Minor Glitch

06/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

A minor glitch has grounded the normal operations of The Ride at Universal Studios Singapore, a day after it was made public.

The malfunction happened on the second day of operation for 45 minutes on Saturday at around 2.45pm. The problem was immediately rectified and addressed, and after 45 minutes, the ride resumed it’s normal operations.

The incident however did not compromise the safety of visitors nor does it pose any harm to those who were still riding when the incident occurred.


Systems down, come back LATER!

Mr Robin Goh a spokesman from RWS said the guests that was in queue during the incident was told to leave the site while the delay was being contained.

Prior to the incident, Resorts World Sentosa declined to comment on the nature of the glitch that halted the operations. Despite the glitch, RWS was confident with the reliability of their attraction.