ROTF Trailer: Shot by Shot Analysis

20/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

After our detailed analysis of the "Transformers" Super Bowl ad, we're back with our obsessive shot-by-shot breakdown of all the action. So read on and get yourself ready. Because come June 24, we all might just be giving "The Fallen" a standing ovation.

0:09-0:22: In Paris, some locals talk on their cell phones and enjoy the sights. Suddenly, what looks like a pair of meteors come streaking through the sky. Sacre bleu!

0:23-0:24: Egyptian pyramids. Clearly, Bay is trying to portray this "Transformers" struggle as a truly global phenomenon.


:27-0:29: An aircraft carrier.

0:31-0:32: Meteors land near the pyramids.

0:33-0:36: Six meteors rain down on a fleet of aircraft carriers.

0:38-0:42: As the meteors pelt one carrier, military planes fall overboard.

0:44-0:49: A slow-motion shot of the fallout from the attack. Underwater, we can see the planes and helicopters falling to their watery graves. Which is all fine and good, but are there any Transformers in this trailer, or is this an ad for "Pearl Harbor 2"?

0:51-0:52: This is what we're looking for: As two men sit at a table in what looks like a kitchen, a Decepticon comes speeding through their walls. Yep, it's an additional shot from that Japanese chase scene that was in the Super Bowl ad.

0:53-0:57: The rest of that Japanese shot. This time, however, the scene is held long enough to show us a quick glimpse of three small "flying" Autobots in hot pursuit. The smart money says that one of them is female Transformer Arcee.

0:58-1:00: Title card: "From director Michael Bay"

1:02-1:08: Something really, really big transforming. As we learned from the end of the Super Bowl trailer, the enormous Devastator will threaten the Autobots in this film. That massive beast is made up of six Decepticons (think Voltron), and what you're looking at is Demolisher, a hydraulic mining excavator that forms its torso.

1:09-1:11 Title card: "And executive producer Steven Spielberg"

1:12-1:19: "You don't stop, you don't hide," Shia's Sam Witwicky barks, just as we saw in the trailer before. "You run. You hear what I'm saying?" Only this time, his father (Kevin Dunn) screams back at him: "We're all going together!" We then see a shot of Megan Fox, also from the Super Bowl ad.

1:20-1:26: Sam picks apart a small, metallic bug, then hears something much larger looming overhead. Most likely, the tiny invader in the shot is an Insecticon, a tick-like creature that can dig into other robots and control them.

1:27-1:28: Shia being pinned down by Starscream.

1:29-1:32: A new shot of Bumblebee, transforming and coming to the defense of Sam's dad. In the sequel, he and his wife finally learn the truth about the existence of the Transformers.

1:32-1:35: A quick shot of Scorpinok attacking Jetfire in the desert. After finishing fourth in a USA Today poll on which Transformers fans wanted in the sequel, the popular Autobot will make his series debut.

1:36: The shot of Ravage we've seen before.

1:38: Optimus Prime takes a brutal hit that sends pieces of him flying everywhere.

1:39: Out in the desert, as a military team flees, the Fallen finally appears. It is our first real glimpse (albeit way too brief) of the film's apocalyptic central villain. We see shots of Shia and Megan reacting in fear, but those appear to be taken from a different scene.

1:55: All hell breaks loose, as the Demolisher (and then some semblance of the Devastator) destroys everything in its wake. A bit more footage is shown, and now we can see a dwarfed Optimus Prime hanging from its neck.

1:55-2:09: The words "Revenge Is Coming," transform into the Decepticon logo.

Source: MTV