Convention Unicorn?

27/12/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

 New information has just been posted regarding some upcoming Transformers Fan Conventions that will be held globally. It seems that five different events: Autocon, DairyCon, CyberCon, DBCTF and Gamer’s Reunion have come together to offer either the same set of exclusives or a combined exclusive figure:

Dairycon, Cybcon, Dutchbotcon, and Gamers Reunion have teamed up to bring you an exclusive item for 2009. The year 2009 marks a very special occasion for fans of their fav toyline, and it is in this spirit that the original team (along with some new blood) comes together again. The identity of this item remains a secret… for now Check back soon for updates! You won’t be disappointed!

An image of a blacked out figure has been posted on a conjoined site for the four events.


These conventions are happy to be for fans, by fans  And together, we can team-up to bring you something special! Representatives from each convention are part of a larger conglomerate called Autocon. For more information on the history of Autocon-exclusives. member Trikeboy has just gave us a clue as to who this exclusive figure may be Battle Unicorn of the Beast Machines line. More information on this exclusive will be posted as it becomes available.

Source: Seibertron