Gold Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime

14/07/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

 etoysjapan have posted images and information on a Hasbro Hong Kong prize item, a gold chromed Leader Class Optimus Prime toy.

The figure, which Hasbro HK have said is limited to 88 pieces worldwide, will have 10 copies of the toy given away at the Hong Kong Animation and Comic Show 2008 to the first ten people to spend HK$3000 or more.

Here’s the spiel. (Revised version) Collected here are pictures of worldwide 88 pieces limited production of the Transformers Movie Voyager Optimus Prime. Gold plated everything except the tires (of course). Comes with a case and platform with numbers, so nice!


How to get it? Don’t you just hear me : 88 pieces Worldwide!!!!

Feel better after shouting. This project is initiated and carried out by Hasbro Hong Kong; According to their information all the Optimus Primes are gifts for certain special occasions (what occasions they refused to tell me). Now the first chance. Hasbro is putting up a booth in the Hong Kong annual Animation and Comic Show 2008. They have 10 pieces available as gift to the first 10 persons who spend HK$3000 or more buying their products.


HK$3000 is about US$390, not a lot but then to make sure you are the first 10, probably you have to queue up in front of the exhibition hall the night before. Of course you can always pay someone to do it, say another US$100 to $200. So this piece worth more than US$500, will you get it? I am not young and foolish enough for overnight lining up any more but certainly do want one.

Source: Transformertoys