Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire Two Pack Out As DOTM

Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire Two Pack Out As DOTM

27/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Here’s something juicy from HKTF in regards of Transformers Dark of The Moon upcoming toys. For those who missed out the Revenge of The Fallen version of the Asian exclusive two-pack will have the chance to grab these from your local outlet soon.

Takara-Tomy is re-releasing leader class Jetfire and Buster Optimus Prime with unchanged deco on Jetfire side and with some minor changes on the Buster Optimus Prime.

Twinpack front view

Twin pack back view

The cosmetic changes in Buster is no more gold chrome but silver for now and faceplate head is based on the ROTF original leader class. Looks like this is becoming one variant for those variant hunters to clench on.


Silver! not gold

Not sure if this is the best version out there but the premium level paintjob that it enjoys will certainly give fans a special treatment for the buck spent.