Updates of New TransMY

Updates of New TransMY

18/05/2004 0 By Administratus Prime

To all TransMYians, first and foremost i would like to apologise for the recent database disruption that the website have experienced. I remedied that and believe the database problem has been resolved and I am delighted to say systems are 90% smooth.

All the bugs from Gallery, and Forum (biggest headache) has been solved. You need to do now is to go to your ‘Profile’ and config back all your settings there and avatars too. I have just added 5 avatar packs that is:

  • G1 Autobot
  • G1 Decepticon
  • Energon (updated)
  • Armada
  • RID
  • Beast wars

As for Gallery, I have set up 4 galleries which I migrate from our old Yahoo home. Those galleries are belonged to:

  • K.A
  • New Megatronia
  • Monksterism
  • Neo98

And previleges has been set up for those 4 individuals so that you can add or delete or change and as for members who doesnt own any album can view them freely in Gallery (at the menu on top the header). Just in case if you are interested in setting up any gallery album for your own collection, you can private message me, and I will set them up, with privileges granted only to you and you can start uploading your pics in no time.

Please make full use of the site and I am happy to say, this portal is officially functional. Should there be any bugs you encountered please gimme a shout! Till All Are One