Paris Street Scare for Sam’s Parents

21/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

The first video depicts Mr. and Mrs. Witwicky being pursued by someone (or something) down a "narrow Paris road." In the beginning, it seems as if the SMART Fortwo is pursuing them from behind, but the vehicle catches up to them quickly, swerves past, and drives away. SMART vehicles, while just having arrived stateside, are extremely prevalent in Europe and other countries.

The shoot ends with a humorous moment from Mrs. White. While Mr. Dunn has been spotted on the "Transformers 2" set previously during the University of Pennsylvania shoot, this is the first time Mrs. White has been spotted on the set. However, she has been confirmed to return for the second outing by one-third of the "Transformers 2" screenwriting team Roberto Orci. 

The second video is the two having a bright spotlight shone on them from higher then human height suggesting a possible Transformer looking at them. The video ends after this, so what transpires after this is unknown.




Additionally there are two pictures from VDG. One shows the side street in the day that is the same street from the videos and the second is Shia at the Washington and 25th chase set which was where the silver Saturn was first spotted.

I am starting to wonder if the story beat isn't the Decepticons hunting the parentals down for some unknown reason. If this theory is true then that suggests that the Saturn Astra is potentially a Decepticon.

Source: Tformers & Transformers Live