Bay: ROTF Phone Survey is Fake

13/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

"You have so much of it wrong," Mr. Bay posts on his official message board Shoot For the Edit.

The information supposedly revealed plot information on the giant robot sequel during the phone survey. "Guys please," Mr. Bay writes, "they don't have…surveys that read the plot of Transformers."

He also continues to downplay that the script has been widely distributed:
Three people on the entire lot of Paramount read the script – and I can tell you they don't cold call people and ask them about the want to see of this movie. I love how you guys try to figure it out but it's not happening yet — you have so much of it wrong.
A rather interesting thing is that Mr. Bay makes it seem like the producers at Paramount Pictures are randomly calling people.


However, "Compy," the source of the initial wave of information, said it was a focus group from the movie studio to get some feedback on a recent media release.

Once sufficient data is collected, they will be able to determine what works or not, then go back and adjust their messaging so it will appeal to the largest audience.

This would seem to point to the marketing vision of the film and not necessarily anything to do with the actual film itself.

So what does this all mean? Mr. Bay totally denying it? Partially? As always, we've known Mr. Bay's continuing "misinformation" campaign, so we really won't know until the very last minute.

Source: TFormers