A Ukulele Which Is An Autobot

A Ukulele Which Is An Autobot

08/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

In a world ‘transformed’ fanatics of the Transformers franchise is trying to make almost anything associated to the well known brand.

Here is something really ideal for those who is either a fan of Transformers and also a good player of musical instruments, to try out a ukulele, fashioned in the shape of the Autobot’s symbol!

Ukulele roll out

This ukulele was made out of ipe (fret board and bridge/tailpiece) and maple (body and neck) wood and being handmade (no machines!) by Asheville’s Celentano Woodworks.


Autobot ukulele front and side view

Apart from making sounds it doesn’t transform though but the Autobot faction logo does gives out the Transformerish-aura of the player owning it. Transfans can grab this cool ukulele over on Etsy for USD550 (RM1650!).

Since it is custom made only per request from orders it is not something that you can simply put under the Xmas tree later.