TransMY at Malaysia International Toy Fair (Day 2)

TransMY at Malaysia International Toy Fair (Day 2)

26/07/2010 0 By Administratus Prime
Custom G1 Ultra Magnus - TransMY

Custom G1 Ultra Magnus - TransMY

Day 2 kick started briefly after the doors were open for public. As for TransMYians, they need to unload the stuff back to the tables again. As we addressed this issue in our previous post, we dare not take any risk by leaving our stuff out in the open.

Not to sound biased or judgemental, we have seen what real security is like in Queensbay Mall during the Revenge of The Fallen Transformers Expo that we were involved in last year.

The real security that we are talking about revolves around these – acrylic cases, barricades with 5 feet buffer, stacked display tables and 24 hours security offered by security guards! In comparison, that is really huge difference.

Still, this is not our show, so there is not much to moan about.


The plan for the day is the total layout revamp. Instead of putting all the good bits way behind by the dividing wall with our neighbour’s outlets, the team planned that an isle of display is to be devised where few tables to be combined to provide length and space for display. The surface will be covered by a cloth and the MISB boxes is to be stacked on top of one another.

The toys, like yesterday will be grouped based on their toyline series. The team emphasised on promoting G1 further by putting on G1 cartoon via the laptop surrounded by vintage G1 toys to suit the mood! That worked pretty well when onlookers walked pass and stopped by to watch the cartoons while trying to relate the characters to the toys laid out on the table.

As for the atmosphere, the mood was pretty much the same with cosplayers and pretty promoters are loitering around while shutterbugs took the opportunity to shoot them and made a portfolio out of them.

Our booth received 3 media coverages from a well known television station interviewing co-founder, Mike ‘Monkticon’ Wong and newspaper journos interviewing Wan De Real regarding his custom works. All these publicity will be added to our publicity archive once those paper cutting and videos were acquired. This is one added boost to the community again though we were pretty surprised that the media who were there at the fair come and seek us out where we are pretty much small players in comparison with those businesses there.

From the feedback we received from the ground and blogs, TransMY’s booth are great fillers to MITF. As for the team, we pretty much nail it though some minor setbacks hampered our affords at the beginning.

As the closing approaches, members packed up and taking group pictures together. Though that is not a complete one with some members have to leave earlier for other commitments, the team were astounded by their unexpected performance throughout the 2 day event.

From the founders of TransMY (Admin Pirme & Monkticon), we wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members who were involved either directly or indirectly in making this a success.

A shoutout goes to Kosmonaut, Wan de Real, Sparty, Prime85, Obi Wan Kedah, Einsamsoldat, G-Go, TFBoy, sy8nsk8, Chromia, Airpool, Zahari, & zeck.

Till all are one.

More Photos: TransMY @ Facebook, pic credits: Einsamsoldat