Who Is The Fallen & Why He Wants Revenge

09/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

However, through the random shots of new vehicles and running Asians (the scenes shot are supposed to take place in a fictional Chinese city), there has been speculation as to who the Fallen is in the full title Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen, and just why does he/she want revenge?

All the way back on Friday (it seems so long ago), Latino Review posted an email from a fan who had looked into the Transformers log of … well, Transformers, and found that there was in fact a character known as The Fallen. So, here’s Geeks of Doom’s look at who The Fallen is and why they want revenge.

First of all, let’s look at the character that people have been talking about, known only as The Fallen. He was one of the 13 original Transformers created by Primus, to do battle against his “eternal nemesis” Unicron (they had the most awesome names). However, one of the 13 turned against his siblings and his creator, and betrayed them all. His original name is lost, but he was known as The Fallen.


This Transformer became obsessed with the darker side of things, and turned against Primus and bowed to Unicron. Affter the first battle between Unicron and Primus, the Fallen was sealed into an extradimensional limbo along with Unicron.

Of course, later, he managed to get out, but that isn’t really the point of all of this.

Now do I think that this story is going to be replayed word for word in Transformers 2? Looking at the last movie, I would suggest definitely not. However, here’s how I imagine it will play out: They’ve chosen a name like Revenge of the Fallen to follow after the death of at least one of the Transformers from the first movie, whether that be Jazz or Megatron. I’m betting it’s the latter one, and that they will merge Megatron with the story of The Fallen and then introduce the aspect of the god-like beings that created them — Unicron and Primus — through this revised story.

It allows for a measure of Transformers history to be kept, while bringing it in line with what Michael Bay is doing.

The obsessed die-hard fans will hate it, the rest of us, will probably enjoy it. Either way, I wouldn’t take much of anything for granted, considering that last year Michael Bay said that they would be releasing a whole heap of fake information to keep everybody busy and away from the real plot. We’ll see!

Source: Geeks of Doom