Vintage Transformers Resell Is Illegal

12/01/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Toys, clothing and other items used by children under 12 will be subjected to lead testing and will have to have labels on them to prove that they have passed inspection.

What does this mean to the toy collectibles industry? Already many children's consignment and re-sale shops have stopped adding new inventory.

Here is a snippet from KVUE News Texas;


"Federal officials have clarified a new federal law that raised concerns and questions nationwide and in Austin about which used clothing and toys will soon be illegal to sell.

A new law which takes effect next month requires testing for lead and other chemicals on any kid products made before February 10th.

Members of the Consumer Product Safety Commission tentatively agreed that clothing and toys made from natural materials like cotton and wood will be exempt.

But most resale clothing and toys are not made of natural materials–which could still create problems for resale shops. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is asking for parents to weigh in."

For those of us here. The question is if this is specific to retailers or individuals too? We are likely to see the first impact on places like Ebay. Which they will likely fight because it will mean the loss of a lot of revenues they make from sales of vintage toys.

How do you feel about this? Do you think it is for real? How will it impact your Transformers collecting if they clamp down?

Source: TFormers