UK Pricing For ROTF Released

20/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

The highlights from the list are that the Devastator figure, to which we were treated with a first look today, will be a Supreme class and the combiner will be sold in one package with all of the figures. Devastator will have lights and sounds.

Also, the Human Alliance Bumblebee will be receiving a friend in the form of Ironhide. The human that will be going into battle with the boss bot is not revealed.

The full line of information is below, with descriptions of each subline.


1) Movie Legends Item No 83977 RRP –
– Transformers movie characters at the smallest converting scale.
Ages 5+ – Master Carton x 8

2) Movie Scout Item No 83974 RRP – £7.99
– Movie based action figures in a 4'5'' scale figures packed in robot mode
Ages 5 + Master Carton x 12

3) Movie Deluxe Item No 83971 RRP – £12.99
– Entry level into the transformers converting play pattern featuring mech alive technology
Ages 5+ Master Carton x 8

4) Movie Voyager Item Number 83972 RRP – £22.99
– Larger scale movie characters and vehicles with realistic styling, packed in vehicle mode with mech alive technology
Ages 5+ Master Carton x 4

5) Movie Leader item Number 83973 RRP – £44.99
– Large scale movie characters featuring lights and sound packed in robot mode with mech alive technology , requires 2 x AA batteries
Ages 5+ Master Carton x 2

6) Fast Action Battlers Item No 83975 RRP – £12.99
-Chunky action figures in a more stylised look each is packed in robot mode with spring activated action feature
Ages 4+ Master Carton 8

7) Power Bots Item No 83981 RRP – N/A
– Large scale chunky action figure formerly cyber stomping robots
Ages 4+ Master Carton 3

8) Mega Power Bots Item No 91343 RRP – £37.99
– taking Power Bots to the next level these non converting action figures make it easy for younger kids to recreate giant battle scenes from ROTF
Ages 4 + Master Carton 2

9) Human alliance Assortment Item No 83978 RRP – £29.99 Bumblebee and Ironhide
Large scale Transformers action figures with a 2'' human action figure for great battle action, Human figure fits inside transformer figure and is a key figure in the battle feature of the robot. Plays off the human/ robot team ups in ROTF

10) Supreme Combiner Item Number 83908 Devastator RRP – £99.99
– Characters combine to form the ultimate movie villain from ROTF lights and Sound bring this character to life, Large scale transformer packed with features
Ages 5+ Master carton 2 requires 2 x AA Batteries

11) Movie Robot Heroes Item Number 89842 RRP – £6.99
Super stylised versions of the characters, popular with collectors and kids.
Ages 3+ Master Carton 12

12) Robot Replicas Item Number 89842 RRP – NA
Highly detailed and articulate non converting figures for older kids and collectors
Ages 4+ Master Carton 8

13) Robot Heroes Battle Scenes Item No 91524 RRP – NA
The next evolution of the robot heroes line, these mutli packs feature new human figures and vehilce modes of the key characters from the movie to recreate scenes from ROTF
Ages 3+ Master Carton TBC

14) Movie Helmet Item No 83907 RRP – NA
Speak through the voice mixer, allows kids to become their fave character from ROTF
Ages 5+ Master Carton 2

15) Robot Weapons Item No 83979 RRP – NA
– Deploy to replicate how the robot warriors fight, includes light and sound.
Ages 5+ Master Carton 2 Requires 2 x AA batteries

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