Transformers: Princeton in Disguise!

25/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Apparently, even though it’s filming at Penn, rumor has it that the actual setting for the movie will be Princeton, where they’ve also filmed. Naturally, Penn students are upset to have their 15 minutes of sort of fame snatched from them by Princeton of all places, and they’ve even taken the fight to the streets Facebook.

“An Open Letter to Michael Bay from the University of Pennsylvania,”
a group of almost 200 sprung up as a place to air out such sophisticated complaints as “Seriously, Michael Bay? Seriously? Princeton???” Even a Temple student was mad enough to join.

And what exactly does Michael Bay have to say for himself? Well nothing, but one of the producers told the Daily Pennsylvanian that neither school’s name would appear in the film.
And one of the Facebook group members claims that Penn itself denied them the rights to use the name! Et tu, President Gutmann?

Regardless of what name actually ends up on screen, this makes three Ivies where Shia has made movies after the latest Indiana Jones filmed at Yale. (No love for Harvard, Shia? Maybe you can make a cameo in How High 2.)


Pics of Michael Bay, Shia, and his costar Isabel Lucas (should I know who that is?) on set in Philly after the jump.

Source: Ivy Gate blog