Transformers: The Ride – More Inside News

Transformers: The Ride – More Inside News

18/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

While we were amazed with the introduction of Evac and some video featuring awesome snippets of what Transformers: The Ride had to offer, there is more updates from Screamscape and Dejiki.

Screamscape claimed that their spy sent in another picture of the street view outside the Transformers attraction, as well as what appears to be a massive Transformers itself hidden behind a barricading construction wall. Check the pics from Screamscape:

The entrance from the corridors of Universal Studios Singapore

The corridor outside The Ride

The Ride ticketing booth?

The 'lair' where Evac's leg was spotted?

Very NEST centric decos

Some segments still underconstruction

Staffs and stuffs for sale (not the staffs of course)

Floor view of the stores

To the shops

The eateries area, cool blue lighting decors

There is more detailed photos via, a Singaporean blogger who have reviewed the ongoing preparations prior to The Ride’s premiere this 3rd December. Do check his pictures out including locations such as the vicinity of The Ride, the shops, entrance, vaults, etc taken at the area.


The Ride entrance, a closer look at the doors

To the shops

Closer look at the shops - all DOTM merchandises

DOTM DVD & Blurays among stuff sold at the shops

Cashier counter with boy-scout like uniformed staffs

NEST control center ya'll.

The Vault where the NBE's lurk?

Some Transformers memorabilia

Height is a main concern. So know your height before going in!

Transformers The Ride promo materials

Credits goes to Screamscape and Dejiki.