Transformers Prime: Watch First CGI Footage

23/07/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Transformers Prime looks promising as the Transformers tradition continues with the latest Cartoon series, Transformers: Prime.

This video that you are about to see is from the courtesy of IGN. The first footage was actually meant for a CGI animation test.

From this video, you can see that this cartoon will likely be set on Earth in the future, and will be very similar to CGI of Transformers Beast Wars and Beast Machines.


This snippet was revealed during a Transformers: Prime panel this afternoon at SD Comic-Con International, Hasbro Studios debuted an animation test sequence from the new series, which will debut this fall.

Check out Bumblebee with all it’s glory, bashing up a couple of Decepticons army drones in the video embedded below. This clip brings us fond memories of the old Beast Wars and Beast Machine days. Forget cell animation guys, CGI rules the day with this awesome cartoon coming to your screens very soon.

Transformers: Prime is set to premiere on The Hub — Hasbro’s join venture with the Discovery Channel — when the network launches on Oct. 10. Remember, its 10-10-10!